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Quoners is a tool...

For each question, no matter what, we give you the chance, not only to vote, but to argue in favor or against each alternative. The votes will tell you what the majority prefers and the arguments, why they think so..

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Create your own debate at (or use an existing one) and embedded into your website. It's as easy as copying and pasting the code of the debate in your site. You can also link the debate and host it at
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Create your own debate in three simple steps:
1 Create an account or use Facebook's or Google's accounts.
2 Create a debate and choose the possible answers
3 Copy the HTML code and insert the debate directly in your site's code or use the link to Quoners. More information
Our selection of polls

Would you accept your vote being made public?

  Yes 67.5%
  No 32.5%

Where are the best hamburgers in Madrid?

  Tony Mels 9.1%
  Peggy Sue 10.6%
  Don Oso 12.1%
  New Yorker 18.2%
  Cafetería HD 4.6%
  La vaca picada 13.6%
  Alfredos Barbacoa 24.2%
  Pecado Carnal 7.6%

Do you prefer BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

  BMW 45.9%
  Mercedes Benz 54.1%
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