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                  中國寶安集團股份有限公司(以下簡稱中國寶安集團) 成立于19837月,是新中國第一批上市公司(股票代碼:000009,股票簡稱:中國寶安)。在資本市場上曾連創成立新中國第一家股份制企業,發行新中國第一張股票、第一張可轉換債券、第一張中長期認股權證等九項新中國第一。




                Founded in July 1983, China Baoan Group Co., Ltd. is the listed company of the first batch in New China (stock code: 000009; stock abbreviation: China Baoan). It has successively created nine firsts in New China on capital market, including establishing the first joint-stock company of New China, and issuing the first stock, the first convertible bond and the first medium and long term equity warrant of New China.

               After more than thirty years of development, as one of the large enterprise groups being given the priority to development in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen Municipality, China Baoan have made extraordinary achievements in both industrial management and capital operation sector. Currently, the industrial cluster dominated by high-tech industry and supported by biopharmaceutical, real estate and other investments has been formed. It owns many listed companies, including main board China Baoan (000009.SZ), Mayinglong (600993.SH), H-Share IPE Group (0929.HK), and NEEQ BTR (836185.OC), Greatland (831385.OC), Uchen Technology (8303840.OC), Daphne Pharmaceutical (836649.OC) and Green Gold High New Technology (870415.OC), and more than twenty wholly-owned and holding enterprises.

                Among the ranking of “China top 500 most valuable brands in 2018” recently released by WBL, China Baoan Group is shortlisted top one hundred in the tenth year consecutively, with brand value as high as RMB 59.152 billion Yuan. In the selection organized by Guangdong Provincial Federation of Enterprises in 2016, the Group is selected as the enterprise of “Guangdong new material science and technology industry top 10” and wins the honor of “comprehensive strength top 10, core competitiveness top 10 and best investment value top 10” of Guangdong listed company for many years in a row.

                China Baoan is stably striding forward towards the new strategic objective—“building a high-tech industrial group led by new materials”.